Movie Analysis

Choose one of the two movies. Please choose one that you think is easier to write. The detailed requirements are in the PDF file uploaded.

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in The movie link is in the file I uploaded. I have put it in the file 378925655_Migration_Film_Assignment_77938308342200. I put the film requirements and links into the uploaded file.
Born in Syria:
Like a Pebble in the Boot:

• Who created it and when?
• Where was it shot?
• Did it receive any awards, accolades, or critical praise?
• Was there any controversy or backlash in response to the
1 page
Brief recap • What was the general sequence of events depicted in
your chosen film?
1 page
Film’s factual
content and
• How did the film convey factual information?
• What sources of evidence did it drawn on?
• How effectively was the information contextualized?
• How credible was the information provided?
• Overall, how focused was the film on conveying factual
1.5 pages
content and
• How did the film appeal to viewers’ emotions?
• What techniques were used to target viewers’ emotions?
• Which specific emotions were targeted and why?
• How effective was this affective content?
1.5 pages
Conclusions • Overall, what was (were) the film’s main argument(s)?
• How effectively did it make its case?
• What was the film’s greatest strength and why?
• What was the film’s greatest weakness and why?
• What was the film’s most surprising point and why?
• Would you recommend this film to others? Why or why

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