Movie Analysis

Answer Sheet

Section 2

Question Answer Question Answer Question Answer Question Answer
1 6 11 16
2 7 12 17
3 8 13 18
4 9 14 19
5 10 15 20

Section 3
Question Answer Question Answer
1 6
2 7
3 8
4 9
5 10

Section 1 ( /40)
1) Read the paragraph:
Although I love movies, I’ve found that there are drawbacks to movie going. One problem is just the inconvenience of it all. To get to the theater, I have to drive for at least fifteen minutes, or more if traffic is bad. It can take forever to find a parking spot, and then I have to walk across a huge parking lot to the theater. There I encounter long lines, sold-out shows, and ever-increasing prices. Another problem is my lack of self-control at the theater. I often stuff myself with unhealthy high-calorie snacks. My choices might include a bucket of popcorn, a box of Milk Duds, a giant soda, or all three. The worst problem is some of the other moviegoers. Kids run up and down the aisle. Teenagers laugh and shout at the screen. People of all ages drop soda cups and popcorn tubs, cough and burp, and talk to one another. All in all, I would rather stay home and watch a DVD in the comfort of my own living room.

2) Complete the outline of the given paragraph. Topic sentence and concluding sentence must be given as a full sentence, but all other answers must be given shortly, as points (words and phrases).

Outline Student’s answer based on the paragraph above
Topic sentence
TS: …
Supporting idea 1 S1: …
Explanations and examples for supporting idea 1 • …
• …• …
Supporting idea 2 S2: …
Explanations and examples for supporting idea 2 • …
• …• …
Supporting idea 3 S3: …
Explanations and examples for supporting idea 3 • …
• …• …
Concluding sentence CS: …

Section 2 ( /40)
Choose and highlight the correct verb form in each of the sentences:

  1. The only dog in the village _ very loudly.
    a) bark b) barks
  2. The zebras _ wildly across the field.
    a) gallops b) gallop
  3. There _ been many earthquakes this year.
    a) has b) have
  4. The man who owns 7 dogs _ here regularly.
    a) shops b) shop
  5. The basketball players and the coach _ at the school.
    a) volunteer b) volunteers
  6. The basketball players or the coach _ at the school.
    a) volunteer b) volunteers
  7. Either your brothers or your sister _ to pay.
    a) has b) have
  8. Not only the director but also the workers _ coming to the picnic.
    a) is b) are
  9. The leader of the firefighters _ long hair.
    a) has b) have
  10. Here _ the winner of the chess tournament.
    a) come b) comes
  11. Everybody _ it when you listen to them and not only talk about yourself.
    a) likes b) like
  12. Latest National Inquisitor Magaine claims that there __ photographs of the Loch Ness Monster eating Elvis.
    a) is b) are
  13. Neither Fred’s attitude nor his sulky clothes __ Esmeralda, who lets Fred pick up the check every time they dine out.
    a) bothers b) bother
  14. Each of those 10 opera singers _ able to hit notes high enough to break glass and rupture eardrums.
    a) are b) is
  15. Every boy and girl __ who Santa Claus is.
    a) know b) knows
  16. Do you know where my glasses_______?
    a) is b) are
  17. Either the dynamite shrimp platter or shrimp pizza __ the best choice for lunch at Crusty’s Seafood Restaurant.
    a) is b) are
  18. The overcoat with big black buttons _ at the laundry now.
    a) is b) are
  19. The students who are eager to work in groups _ are usually the very noisy ones.
    a) is b) are
  20. Here __ my test paper.
    a) is b) are

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