Movie Review (The Preachers Wife)

Staff Development

1. How can Rev. Biggs develop his staff or church leaders to help meet the needs of the laity and community?
Problem Solving

2. How do leaders address declines in church membership?

3. Who has the most influence in your ministry? How does a leader differentiate influence from witchcraft ?

Creating Positive Change

4. Describe a time as a leader when you have experienced divine intervention that resulted in positive change ?

5. How do leaders communicate a clear vision in difficult times?

6. Why does God allow leaders to experience challenges in ministry?

7. In your opinion, describe the proper order as it relates to God, work, family, and ministry.


8. Why is it important for leaders to establish healthy boundaries when interacting with the opposite sex ?

9. Why should leaders consider the people in their congregation before engaging in business deals ? How has gentrification impacted low-income families and congregations in your community?