Moving to Opportunity vs. Place-Based Approaches

Watch Lecture 3: Moving to Opportunity vs. Place-Based Approaches
Post your reflection to Lecture 3 in the Discussion Board by Monday, September 14th @ 11:59 PM

Include the following in your reflection:
What would your household do with an extra $1,000 cash per month (pre-COVID)?
How would you feel if your chances of going to a four-year university were based on a lottery system?
Image you live in a high-opportunity neighborhood (high economic mobility for children from low-income families).
How would you feel if low-income families moved into your neighborhood as part of a program?
Does integration hurt outcomes of children from high-income households? What does the data show?
What would you propose to local government leaders who are interested in implementing Move To Opportunity in Miami?
Why do you think governments invest in housing programs? How effective are traditional housing programs? What do they get wrong in their implementation?
Which of the Characteristics of High-Opportunity Neighborhoods do you think have the most impact on upward mobility? Why?

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