Multinational Enterprise Class


  1. Give an introduction to your company, your product line, and the countries you choose to investigate/analyze from a trade perspective and why you choose those countries.
  2. Provide detail on the trade issues in each of your chosen countries.
  3. Explain which country you have chosen to focus your business expansion on and why.
  4. What are the mission and vision of the company?
  5. What is the overall global strategy they apply? Describe briefly using the strategies we discussed in class.
  6. What is the current organizational structure of your company? Type of OS?
  7. Provide a simple SWOT analysis ONLY of the decision to move your product line into the selected country?
  8. What mode of entry have you selected as best for your activity in the selected country? You might mention here how the risk appetite of your company has affected your choice of mode of entry. Also, remember the three issues of Dunning’s Eclectic Theory that need to be balanced out, i.e., location advantages, ownership advantages, and internalization advantages.
  9. Other issues. Here would be good to mention any particular issues you anticipate in the functional areas, e.g., human resources (management issues, labor, culture, ethical, personal physical risk, etc), finance, operations, marketing (any of the 4 P’s), legal, political, force majeure events (meaning big unpredictable events, like natural disasters, political upheavals)

Sample Solution