Multiple Intelligences

Review the Multiple Intelligences PowerPoint presentation, the week four study guide material on multiple
Multiple Intelligence Quiz.pdf Multiple Intelligence Quiz.pdf – Alternative Formats
What do you see as your dominant intelligence? How can you use your strong intelligences to strengthen your we
do your strengths and weaknesses affect your ability to create art? How do your perceptions of your own visual a
provided you a foundation for being creative with visual arts? Would you say that your visual intelligence is well de
Share ideas of how visual arts may help strengthen children’s understanding of other subject areas: math, scienc
understanding of the elements of art in one of these subject matter content areas. How can you use visual arts to
children’s different learning styles and dominant intelligences.
Video Response A: Watch one of these videos by the National Gallery of Art. Name and cite the video you watche
museum. In what ways might you use the see, think, wonder concept help you design open-ended essential ques
Teaching Critical Thinking through Art, 1.3: See/Think/Wonder in the Classroom – https://youtu.bes/d1nDwUFLhjs
Teaching Critical Thinking through Art, 1.3: See/Think/Wonder in the Museum –
Video Response B. Watch 2 of the other videos in the VIDEO CLIPS folder and share 2 ideas from each video tha
address of each video.

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