Music This is a link that you can find Classical music to write a report. 1. List the name of the group, the conductor and the title and composer for each piece performed.2. List each INSTRUMENT used in the concert by name and Sachs Hornbostel classification3. List each piece performed by HISTORICAL PERIOD. You will find this information somewhere in the program, usually by checking each composer’s dates. (Middle Ages: 450-1450, Renaissance: 1450-1600, Baroque: 1600-1750, Classical: 1750-1820, Romantic: 1820-1900, 20thCentury: 1900-1999, 21stCentury: 2000-today.)4. Pick one composition on the program. IN YOUR OWN WORDS, DISCUSS THE MUSIC YOU ARE HEARING. THINK ABOUT THE MUSICAL TERMS AND CONCEPTS YOU HAVE LEARNED IN CLASS THIS SEMESTER AND APPLY AS MANY OF THEM AS ARE APPROPRIATE.(Think in terms of specifics. What type of composition is it? Is it program music or absolute music, or an example of musical nationalism? What about tempo, dynamic variety, instruments used, melodic complexity, consonance or dissonance level, etc.?)THINGS TO REMEMBER WHEN WRITING ANY REPORT. There are certain things that always apply: clarity of thought, proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. 5. Don’t forget to use spell-check before you tum it in. 6. Your reports must reflect YOUR thoughts. You may quote published information as long as you cite your sources.

Sample Solution