This assignment will be either accepted (full credit) or returned with the comment “please re-do” (no credit). In other words, all or nothing. Please read the requirements for the paper below taken from your syllabus:

Write a 2-3 page paper relating some aspect of the music we hear and study in class to your major or proposed major. Be sure to include specific references to musical works, composers, or periods. If you do not mention or discuss specific aspects of this class, or if you refer to music that is not part of this class, you will not receive full credit for the paper. The purpose of this Critical Thinking assignment is to relate this course to another aspect of your academic life. The point of that is so you understand that this course has meaning and relevance to your major in particular and your life in general that is beyond just what occurs in this class during this semester. Use whatever format that is most comfortable, familiar, and convenient for you. Due Nov. 20. Be sure to keep a copy of the paper for your own records

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