Music review

Pick a piece of music of your choosing (Jazz, Classical, or whatever).
Describe the song, including a description of both the music and the lyrics (if any) and how they work together.
Using that description analyze what the song is trying to say and how it says it. This will require a conversation of the way the music and the lyrics do or don’t work together. This is an exercise in form and idea (Head & Hand). This can be any song you choose.
Ask 5 “GOOD” questions about the song. These questions should be research-based questions that a critic, academic, or scholar would ask about the song.
This link will take you to a PDF from Indiana university library that offers a good overview of what makes a good question ( )
(HINT: Imagine you have to write a research paper about the song of your choice. What question(s) [Hypothesis] would you start with to guide you to your thesis?

Sample Solution