Music Traditions around the world

Pick one example/sample/track of a musical piece that you find interesting and ‘like.’ This example can be from a musical tradition from any musical culture. It might also relate to the cultural area which you will be addressing in your larger paper and presentation. You can pick a musical sample from some of the musical cultures we have already studied, or one from the syllabus which we will focus on later in the course.

1. A discussion of the performer/s of the piece, who they are, where they normally perform.
2. A discussion of the theme/s expressed in the piece – be it through the music and/or lyrics (words).
3. An analysis of the instruments used, including their classification in the Hornbostel system that we have studied in class.
4. A discussion of the cultural context/s of the performance as well as the meanings generated by the music. Who are the intended audience for this music?



Sample Solution