My Personality test Reflection


To take the Big Five personality assessment, rate each statement according to how well it describes you. Base your ratings on how you really are, not how you would like to be.

Activity questions:

  1. Which aspect scored the highest, O-C-E-A-or N? What do the assessment results indicate that highest score means about your personality?
  2. Which aspect scored the lowest, O-C-E-A-or N? Explain why you agree or disagree with this item’s score result.
  3. The assessment results provide a Personality Pattern. The core pattern describes the essential role you take on in approaching the world. This role is a reflection of your core values and motivations, as well as the way you think about things. Which of these 4 patterns did you score highest on? Explain a connection you can make to the described pattern, and what it is you value, or that you are motivated by.

Empathic Idealist
Practical Caretaker
Analytical Thinker
Logical Mechanic

Sample Solution