My Potential and Competencies

My Potential and Competencies

Day in day out, job advertisements on various disciplines fill local dailies. They may be different in length, format, and structure, but one thing is common to all; they lay emphasis on specific qualifications. Prospective occupants of the said positions must have some abilities and traits that make them most suitable. In the same breath, academic qualifications and experience can be an added advantage to them as far as the particular areas are concerned. It is important, therefore, that people equip themselves with relevant skills early enough in life. Nevertheless, others can be learnt even at a relatively older age. Whichever the case may be, one should try to remain relevant in their field of interest and passion for optimized success. I dream to successfully establish myself professionally in the corporate world. For this reason, I yearn to complete my Bachelor’s degree in International studies. Later on, I shall seek to advance my education further by pursuing a Master of Science in Finance (MSF) at the Brandeis International School of Business Studies. Completing this program will be a big stride towards eventual success in my career .But do I have the potential to make it in this respect?

Indeed, I believe I am competent enough and qualified for the MSF program. This is due to my passion in the business world, something that has always dictated the choices that I took in my life. My Bachelors in International Business shall provide a good basis for the program. Fundamentally, the MSF program is the advancement of the Bachelors degree. Prior to enrollment, I shall be having sufficient knowledge in financial basics, and related fields like International Financial Markets. My journey to shining in my dream career will be made smoother by the knowledge I acquired before by enrolling and completing short but valuable business courses. For instance, one of the courses I took   enabled me to understand the various models of strategic planning. I have a deeper comprehension of when each is appropriate. This is a tool that one must have so as to be successful in the financial world that is ever characterized by constantly changing dynamics.

My academic history has been enriching. I am without doubt, very good in project management and complex problem solution. I am familiar with foreign currency hedge funds and I can comfortably work with computer applications like Microsoft Office. Besides possessing good interpersonal communication skills, I am an able leader. I have always demonstrated desirable leadership skills. In fact, I held some influential but quite demanding leadership positions before. In 2011, I joined the Saudi club as an ordinary member but others realized my positive traits and elected me Vice President of the Club in 2013. I was also elected the President of the International Business Club in 2012.

My professional experience has also played a central role in nurturing me. Working as a clerk in the Military Hospital, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia helped me greatly. Through that, I was able to improve my confidence. Most importantly, I got exposure in my field of interest; finance. Constantly getting involved in underwriting at the hospital’s financial department provided me with much-needed experience and insight. In addition to all these, I have taken initiatives to understand the financial world by attending a number of conferences. More specifically, I attended two ‘Cyrus of Knowledge’ conferences. These provided me with an understanding of opportunities, challenges, and innovations in vast geographical regions. What I learnt shall remain applicable even later in life when I expect my star to be shining.

Clearly, the experience and academic qualifications described above will be helpful as I yearn to achieve my dreams. They make me relevant and fit to follow my heart. They are the tenets upon which my eventual career shall be built.