Namibia’s ban on antibiotics in healthy animals

Read the WHO article “Namibia’s ban on antibiotics in healthy animals drives meat exports (Links to an
external site.)” and a short follow-up article (Links to an external site.) from 2020 and answer the following
questions (due midnight Sunday 02/14/2021 – Happy St. Valentine’s Day) by writing an abstract using less than
250 words.

  1. As you remember from lecture 2, antibiotic use in food animals is/was practiced for two major reasons. What
    are these reasons? How does Namibia manage to avoid antibiotic use in the beef industry?
  2. Eliminating antibiotic-use in food animals provides a number of benefits. What are some of these benefits?
    How is antibiotic-free beef production beneficial to countries such as Namibia?
  3. The WHO lists 4 recommendations on antibiotic use in food-producing animals in the “WHO Guidelines on
    use of Medically Important Antimicrobials in Food-producing Animals”. Based on the WHO article you read,
    how does Namibia comply with these recommendations?

Sample Solution