Nature AND Nurture?


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Discussion Prompt 2: Nature AND Nurture?
As you likely remember from previous study, the Nature versus Nurture debate can be found within just about any topic related to psychology. Physiological Psychology is no different. In fact, the Nature versus Nurture debate may be of even more importance in the field of Physiological Psychology as professionals work to distinguish biological causes such as genetics from other psychological or environmental causes. Genes, DNA and organic causes are significant factors in an individual’s mental health! Likewise, environmental stressors and other influences outside the human body affect mental health and may trigger the onset of certain symptoms and illness. In Physiological Psychology, BOTH Nature AND Nurture are viewed as prominent determinants of an individual’s mental health.

This discussion assignment will focus on the use of BOTH Nature (heredity) AND Nurture (environment) in clinical practice. Respond to the following case example as if you are a psychologist, writing your documentation after interviewing the client for the first time.

Case Scenario:
You are meeting with Shonda today for an initial counseling session and spent a majority of the session gathering BioPsychoSocial assessment information (that is, information pertaining to biological, psychological and social factors that may be impacting Shonda’s mental health). Shonda has shared with you that she has been experiencing severe anxiety over the last three months. She also states that anxiety disorder runs in her family. To Shonda’s knowledge, her sister, mother, maternal grandmother and paternal grandfather have all struggled with severe symptoms of anxiety at one time or another. Shonda states that six months ago she was transferred to a new position in the Emergency Room at the hospital where she works. Shonda is a nurse and her new position is fast-paced, high stress and she faces trauma on a daily basis. Shonda is having difficulty sleeping at night due to racing thoughts and the inability to “unwind.” She has become more irritable which has in turn negatively affected her close relationships.

Assignment Expectations
In your documentation write-up (your initial discussion prompt response), provide an analysis of both biological and psychological causes of Shonda’s situation. Between biological and psychological causes, which appears to have had the largest impact? What recommendations would you make to Shonda to alleviate her symptoms based on the biological and psychological information presented?

Your initial discussion prompt post should include at least 150 words. Be sure to engage in discussion with your fellow learners, debating your observations as they relate to the Nature versus Nurture debate. Follow-up response posts should include at least 100 words.

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