Now that you have reviewed the material in this module, reflect on your reactions to what you have read.
In this reflective journal entry, be sure to address each of the following questions:
First, navigate to the article, “Naturopathic Doctors as Part of the Health Care Team”
In the discussion forum you spoke about the viability of an integrative medicine clinic on a college campus. What are your thoughts on the integration of
naturopathic doctors as part of the health care team.
Would you be supportive of this team approach (why/why not)?
What pros and cons do you see to this approach?
NOTE: This is a gradable journal. Journal entries MUST be a minimum length of 250 words to receive credit. Each week’s Reflective Journal will include
specific journal “prompt” questions, which must be answered directly and specifically and must contain details, examples, and reflection in order to earn the
points for the journal. Remember, there is no partial credit for journals.
Why the word count? Because this is a “writing to learn” exercise, where you will explore your thoughts and feelings and work out concerns.
Students are responsible for checking to make sure that posted journal entries actually display in the journal. If there are technical difficulties and your
journal or discussion posts do not display correctly after you have posted them, it is your responsibility to notify the instructor before the deadline.


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