Netflix business innovation

Assignment structure:
Questions for the case study:
Netflix business innovation (preferably one that has emerged in the last ten or fifteen years) and analyze why it was (or wasn’t) successful: where did the invention originate from? How did it reach commercialization? What competitive strategies did the producer(s) implement? What challenges emerged and how were they met?

Please use two or more of the THEORIES and MODELS to interpret the evidence from the case study and support the arguments below:

1. Skill biased technological change: Automation and the future of jobs
2. Innovation and industrial change: Understanding the economic implications of new technologies
3. Innovation policy for the knowledge economy
4. Harnessing the knowledge of users
5. Intellectual property rights and business strategy
6. Creating value from intangibles
7. Networks and “winner takes all” markets
8. Open innovation and knowledge co-creation

Please use GOOGLE SCHOLAR for this research.

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