Network Operating Management

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Networking Components
OSI Model and TCP/IP Stack
Networking Devices
Networking Management Basics
Virtualization Technology
The discussion question consists of three independent parts. Address each part under your main contribution
to this discussion board:
Some people think that network management means installing the latest and greatest management tool.
Do you agree with this view? Justify your response. Define network management and discuss the components that constitute a network management solution. What is a Network Operations Center (NOC)? What are its main components? How do you think NOCs help to provide network management solutions?
TCP/IP and OSI are two networking architecture models used to build a network. Discuss the architecture of the OSI model and the TCP/IP model. What are the main differences between TCP/IP and OSI? What are the reasons for the widespread use of TCP/IP over OSI? Justify your responses.
Research and describe three examples of the application of virtualization technology.

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