Network security


Please read this publicly available PSIRT from Cisco, write and then write a report about this PSIRT advisory (file is attached):

  1. A brief summary of what Cisco PSIRTs are along with a synopsis of what vulnerability this particular PSIRT is talking about.
  2. An explanation of why the vulnerability exists along with a list of the impacted product(s) and software versions. Please provide a statement as to whether or note there is a work-around and/or software release to correct the issue. If there is newer software to repair the issue then please list the software versions that contain the fix.
  3. Your thoughts:
    a. On the role that vendor advisories such as Cisco PSIRTs play in securing networks. Are they important/not important? Please explain your reasoning.
    b. What is the impact of this particular PSIRT on a network on which this issue is present. Is this a big deal, a minor issue, something in between? What do you recommend be done to remove this vulnerability? Should: The impacted device be turned off? Should a configuration change be made or a code upgrade executed? What do you recommend? Please explain your reasoning.

Sample Solution