Network urbanism vs collective urbanism

Choose two design projects from the case study list. However, you may not use the
case study you documented in the earlier assignment.
Write a description and critical account of these two projects. Compare and contrast them in terms of
design and cultural, social context. Situate them relative to the “forms of urbanism” we have discussed this
term, as well as other means of assessing the projects. Consider these questions:
What kind of city and society do these projects embody and encourage?
How are the projects organized within their site and context, and in relation to infrastructure, landscape,
and circulation?
How does their form and programmatic organization relate to society, culture, and environment?
What are other observations you can make about these projects in relation to the discipline of urban
Argue your case in a structured way — introduction, observations, references, conclusion. Consider and cite
any relevant readings from the term, in addition to other important citations.

Sample Solution