Networking Infrastructure

Arrowe Park Hospital is the main hospital serving the area of Wirral in North West England. It is a large
hospital with general medical and surgical coverage, accident and emergency department and a maternity
ward. A map of the hospital is available at:
Note that this is a real hospital but the remainder of this scenario is fictitious and devised for the purposes of
this assignment only. Although the hospital is real, the rest of the scenario is not. You must use the information
provided in this assignment specification to answer the questions. If you find out anything about the real
hospital that is different from that presented here, then you must use the information presented here. Reality
has been changed to provide a suitable scenario for the assignment. Do not contact the hospital about this
assignment as they will not know what you are talking about!
All of your answers to the tasks below should be based on this scenario and should focus on their
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Assignment Task
Task 1 – Guideline length 800 words
1.1 As a visitor to the hospital, I wish to use their web site to find information about how to get there. To do this,
I type in the URL:
Assuming that YOU are doing this from you own computer where you normally do your RDI studies, provide a
detailed description of how the hospital’s Domain Name Service (DNS) name ( is resolved
into an IP address so that the request can be sent to the server. You should include a description of how the
DNS lookup works, using this particular case as an example. Your answer must be detailed and specific,
mentioning as appropriate both the hospital, its DNS server, its web site and your own Internet Service
Provider’s DNS service as well as any other DNS servers used. Assume that the hospital runs its own DNS
server. Also include the full result of doing a DNS lookup on this particular address together with an
explanation of all the items in this result. Note that there are many DNS lookup tools available either to use
directly from web pages or to download and use locally.
1.2 Briefly explaining the purpose of the following components in the organisation’s network:
• Domain Controller (DC)
• Router
• Wireless access point
1.3 Outline how the organisation would use a firewall to protect its network

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