New Identity for the Quest

What actually changes when a person is united with Christ in His death? 3. Why would we say that being united with Christ, as described in Ro. 6 is not “experiential.” 4. As you watch the “Romans 6 Clarified” video, see if you can improve on the answers you gave in the first 3 questions above. 5. Draw a picture or diagram that graphically portrays the transformation that is described in Romans 6. According to Ro. 6, how many times does a person need to die to sin? 7. What does the word “reckon” mean as it is used in Ro. 6? 8. In Ro. 6, what action is attributed to God (or grace) and what action is expected from people? 9. Does Romans 6 speak of potential death to sin (and rule of grace) or realized reality? Explain. 10. What are the implications of Ro. 6 for helping people conquer sinful habits? 11. What are the 3 commands of Ro. 6 that help us understand the progression of logic in this text? 12. If you have any questions about Ro. 6 in relation to your own life, write them here. How does this text bother you? How does it comfort or encourage you?






Sample Solution