New Operational Plans at Sun City Boards


Preparation In this assignment, you will develop your plan for staff hiring and job assignments based on the information you’ve been given and the information you studied in your readings. The following steps will help you prepare for your written assignment: Thoroughly read The Individual and the Organization module. Carefully consider the existing staff; new operational plans; and the studies, theories, and models presented in the module reading. Consider the profile information Tom Wilson provided. What conclusions (if any) can you draw about job suitability and satisfaction from this information? Your Task Write a three-paragraph essay describing your staffing plan to execute the customized surfboard production plan. Your essay must include three properly referenced and defined terms from the module reading. For example, if you believe that job satisfaction is important, how does your plan address the top job satisfaction factors as surveyed by the Society for Human Resources Management? Address the following questions: Who will you assign to each of the anticipated steps in the process? What factors went into your decision? What characteristics will you look for in the two planned new hires? How will the new employees fit in with the existing team? Does your initial reaction to the staff lineup indicate a potential bias? How will you deal with your bias? What additional resources or models will you use to guide your decisions? How will you handle the top job satisfaction factors at Sun City? You are encouraged to use appropriate illustrations or charts to describe your plan. You may also reference reliable and properly cited Internet resources, as well as draw from your personal work experience with appropriate examples to support your references.

Sample Solution