New Product Development

The College Recreation Center(gym) is looking to start new activities that are not just exercise and sports related. These activities can be for 1⁄2 day, 1 day, overnight, Friday/Saturday overnight. The activities can also be for an hour or more but those would require multiple meetings. The Recreation Centers additional activities should be focused on the students. Please provide a new product or service that you have thought of for Recreation Center. Not a product that is already developed, this is your idea so have fun with it. I don’t expect boring activities think outside the box.

New products and services are developed to solve specific problems. Provide a new product or service. Not an actual new product but one that you come up with. The product or service does not have to have a large market. Provide a couple of references to help justify your idea.

Paper needs to follow outline format. Recommend 3-5 pages single spaced with outline (headings and bullets) writing style.

  1. What Problem does the product/service solve?
  2. Competition – who are your competitors
  3. SWOT
  4. Whyisthisproduct/serviceimportant
  5. Demographics:

• Age

• Gender

• Marital/relationship status

• Income

Sample Solution