New York City as a place

Consuming visual media in a class setting, and with an audience of peers, is more of a structured experience than casual viewing on your own, or with your friends. In
this light what did viewing our course’s films and videos do to enrich your own understanding of New York City as a place, an experience, and also a living being or
character of its own? Will this course impact the way that you personally see New York City
and its history or its citizens, or will your views stay the same? Explain from a personal, opinion-based point of view.
Films and materials we watched in class: A Hare Grows in Manhattan(1947):, WEST SIDE
STORIES(1996):, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and The Making of
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn:, The Panic in Needle Park. *I’m
Chinese and this is the second year I’ve been in New York.

Sample Solution