New York State Education Department regulations

New York State Education Department regulations require graduate classes to provide fifteen 50 minute hours of instruction per credit — the same as for undergraduate classes. This works out to be 37.5 hours per semester per 3 credit course. Our classroom time is 30 hours. In order to be in compliance, the Robert B.Willumstad School of Business is adding 7.5 hours of additional instructional time to its graduate classes. This will be accomplished by utilizing team projects in addition to the usual requirements (essay questions, Moodie forums, and analytical problems). The team project will require that each team select one particular organization that one or more member are familiar with or works for. The principles of the course are to be applied to a problem chosen from that particular organization. In place of the previous you may select one of the following assignments:Search the web for information about RFID technology. Begin here ( Discuss the effect of RFID on supply chain management. How does it differ from bar code technology? What are its drawbacks? What is its future?A Canadian magazine, Corporate Knights, publishes a number of reports related to sustainability including the “Global 100”




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