New Zealand and Dusty Valley Wines

In each section, give a brief (2 paragraph maximum) introduction, then make statements of opinion about the interaction between the sales of these memberships and the environment of the country. The audience for this analysis is the management of Dusted Valley Wines. Highlight those things that are most important for this American company to know given the differences between the environments. What is different about the environment in your country and that of the U.S. that will necessitate changes in the way Dusted Valley Wines is used to operating? For each statement of opinion, provide facts to back up and explain what you are saying. An outline of the points that you want to make and the facts that back up those points is the best way to create a good research paper.
Suggested Coverage for Specific Topics: (These are only suggestions and should not be considered an exhaustive list of what is necessary to be covered. Each country is different.)
Culture – Describe the general national culture highlighting the differences between your country’s national culture and American national culture. Include Hofstede Indices if they exist for your country. Be sure to include the different languages and religions. What concerns do you have about the fit of this product with this national culture and why? Are there differences about national wine culture between your country and the United States? What are possible solutions to these concerns? Be sure to discuss management and communication issues between Dusted Valley and local distributors (e.g., supermarkets, hotels, restaurants) of the product and possible end customers. Are there any problems that you think are so serious that they preclude the exporting of this product into this country? If not, what does the management of Dusted Valley Wines need to know about your chosen country’s national culture and wine cultureto make sure the exportation of their wines is successful? What suggestions do you have to make this a success? The more data you use to back up your explanation the better.

Promotional Issues – The biggest problem Dusted Valley will have with this product is getting distribution of the wines in restaurants, bars, and local retail shops.Describe the overall message you think the promotional campaign should use to persuade restaurants and bars to carry Dusted Valley wines. Would you use the same promotional message to encourage retail outlets to carry this product to sell to individual consumers? What message would best introduce the product to local distributors and entice them to carry the product? Be specific and explain why you think this message will be successful. The more data you use to back up your explanation the better. Do you also think you need to promote Dusted Valley Wines to individual consumers in your country? Why or why not? If so, what promotional message will best introduce Dusted Valley Wines to individual consumers? What aspects of promotion should be emphasized (e.g., advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations) to communicate your message? Be sure to consider cost in your answer to the last question. Are there any problems in promotion that you think are so serious that they preclude the market expansion of Dusted Valley Wines into this country?

Pricing Issues – Describe the general state of your country’s economy (e.g., economic growth, inflation, etc.) What is the future prediction for the national economy? What is the exchange rate? How stable is the currency now and in the future? What would you recommend to Dusted Valley Wines to repatriate their revenues safely from your country? Be sure to consider exchange rate fluctuations and any political issues in the last question.How should Dusted Valley Wines arrange payment from the distributors (e.g., cash, letter of credit)? What overall approach would you use for pricing Dusted Valley Wines to distributors (e.g., restaurants, bars, retail outlets)? Why? How much should Dusted Valley Wines charge for their wines? Give specific examples of prices for products. Are there any problems in the economy or pricing that you think are so serious that they preclude the market expansion of Dusted Valley Wines into your country?



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