“nine-fold symmetry”

Read Moran et al. 2014 (linked below), then respond in writing to the questions

  1. Why is flagellar structure often referred to as exhibiting “9+2 configuration” and “ninefold symmetry”? What
    are some of the key structural units involved in the structure referred to by these labels?
  2. To what extent does variation in flagellar structure and function occur? Note that phylogenetics and
    environment may each exert influences on varieties observed. Paraphrase an example the authors use to
    illustrate each.
  3. What sorts of investigations involving flagella were conducted during the 20th century? How do they
    compare to more recent flagellum-related research questions? Is progress in understanding the biological
    nature of flagella being made?
  4. A goal of this course is to improve your technical literacy in biology. Indicate how information presented in
    class contributed to your comprehension of the assigned article.

Sample Solution