Norms in your family and with your friends regarding alcohol use

Based on what you learned in chapter 5 about performance enhancing drugs do you think Sha’Carri Richardson should have lost a chance to run in the 100-meter individual event after failing a drug test for marijuana? Use information about performance enhancing drugs to support your answer.

What are the norms in your family and with your friends regarding alcohol use? Are there any rituals around alcohol in your family? What are your thoughts about alcohol consumption?

If alcoholism is accepted as a disease to which a person is predisposed, should a person who struggles with alcohol be held accountable for developing this disease? How does this compare to your thoughts about diabetes or heart disease?
Your entry for all questions should total 500 words (not including the words in the question). 500 words total, not 500 words for each question. Your grade will be impacted if it does not hit the minimum word count.

Respond to the questions by stating your reaction to the question, that should include your unique perspective and elements of what you have been learning. Reframe from simply regurgitating the textbook word for word.

Sample Solution