Nurses working with transformational leaders

Reflect on the many stakeholders who must be kept informed about your project to ensure its timely implementation and ultimate success. Also reflect on the types of recipients of communication for your project. Traditional means of communication and disseminating information have been meetings, conference calls, and e-mail. We are in the midst of a communication revolution where social media in the form of Twitter, Instagram, instant messaging, texting, Facebook, and so on are prevalent. Discuss what you feel will be some of the most important communication tools you can use for your project. What are the pros, cons, and potential barriers? Are there cultural or other diversity issues that should be considered in your choice of communication?

Do nurses on inpatient nursing units (P) who work with transformational leaders (I) versus other styles of leadership, bureaucratic or laissez-faire (C) have higher nurse engagement, retention, and team member satisfaction scores (O) over the course of one year (T)?

Sample Solution