Nursing health management and policy

This assessment addresses the following course objective(s):
Interpret research, bringing the nursing perspective, alongside perspectives of their administrative colleagues,
for policy makers and stakeholders.
As a healthcare professional, effective communication is an essential skill for you to have. For this assignment,
you will synthesize scientific research with relevant health policy, and write a professional editorial piece for
public consumption.
Your role: Content contributor for The American Journal of Nursing
Audience: Healthcare professionals, nursing and administrative.

  1. Choose any scientific research topic, with relevant and reliable scholarly sources available for you to review.
    If your background is clinical, your focus may be heavy on the science or clinical elements. If your background
    is more administrative, you may choose research which is more closely related to a social issue (such as
    emergency contraceptives, vaping use, etc.)
    2.Choose a policy or proposed policy that directly relates to your area of scientific research.
    3.Write an editorial article, approximately 3 pages in length, summarizing the scientific research on your
    chosen topic, and aligning it with relevant health policy.
    4.Explain the need for increased awareness around the topic:
    1.Who needs to do something about it,
    2.When action is needed,
    3.What that action could look like, and
    4.Why such action will positively influence the future of healthcare.
    Word document
    Assignment Resource(s)
    The American Journal of Nursing website:
    Ruhl, J. B., Posner, S. M., & Ricketts, T. H. (2019). Engaging policy in science writing: Patterns and strategies.
    PLoS One, 14(8)

Sample Solution