Nursing Leadership

1. Select a personal story where you were viewed personally and/or professional as a nurse leader. (You do not have to have obtained professional recognition for your leadership but perhaps rather “felt” like a nursing leader through your actions or feelings.) There are many examples from which you can pull from practice, using any of the five practices cited above. If you do not have a current active practice, please cite a story from your clinical experiences as a student.
2. Describe the story selected, briefly to provide a clear picture of the leadership example and context for your story, using the Kouzes & Posner (2012) practices above, citing personal feelings as well as factual information. 3. Taking your assigned nurse leader for your final project, reflect and write upon manners in which this nurse leader may have “reacted” or “handled” your story of leadership. This may or may not have been “different” from the way in which you functioned as a nurse leader due to differences in nursing practice and societal influences. The nursing leader I had was Dorothea Dix.



Sample Solution