Nursing Philosophy

You will be developing a nursing philosophy paper. Start with finding a nursing theorist that fits your thinking
about practice. You can google nurse theorists, and there is a Nursing that is helpful.
Paper: Describe your own personal philosophy of nursing. Discuss, with an example, how you incorporate your
nursing philosophy into your current nursing practice. How does the ANA Code of Ethics fit into your
philosophy. Weave in work from a nurse theorist that supports your philosophy.
Here are some questions to ask yourself while writing your personal philosophy. Do not just answer these
questions. Develop a paper that address these. I do not want a list of answers to this. The paper should flow
from one concept to the other. You may use headings.
a. What is the role of the ANA Code of Ethics in your own philosophy?
b. Has anything from your reading in this course reshaped your philosophy of nursing?
c. How has your philosophy been influenced by nursing theory?
d. Are there particular work experiences that have shaped your philosophy of nursing?
e. Has a particular life event influenced your philosophy of nursing?
f. Has your philosophy of nursing changed over time?
g. Is your philosophy congruent with those of your employer? Review your employer’s philosophy.
h. What is the role of professional ethics codes, e.g., the ANA Code of Ethics, in development of your own

Sample Solution