Write a 2,500-word report which explores how you undertook a search of the literature on a chosen topic. Your assignment must demonstrate that you have successfully achieved all three of the modules learning outcomes.

LO1 Identify the varied sources of knowledge and evidence that informs healthcare disciplines.

LO2: Plan and undertake a specific research activity, drawing on a critically reflective appreciation of research theory, knowledge and other forms of evidence.

LO3: Demonstrate the ability to use databases to support your study How to structure a “report”: A report contains information that is divided up into sections with each section having its own heading. For the purpose of this report the acronym of GRADE will be used.

The structure of the report will help you address the module learning outcomes so it’s essential that you follow the guidelines given. All references used to support your discussion must originate from academic and/or professional material, not NHS Choices or general websites
Report Headings You must use the headings given below in italics Generating a focus of enquiry

(LO1, LO2) – approximate guide 400 words
Briefly discuss why you have chosen to explore your chosen nursing topic. Consider
why this topic is relevant to your field of nursing and its general impact on
healthcare. You must use references to support your discussion
Retrieve the correct type of information
(LO1, LO3) – approximate guide 500
Discuss the search engines and databases you used for your search demonstrating
that you understand the difference between databases and search engines.
Explain how you went about conducting your search for relevant research articles.
Explain your choice of
Key words
(you should explain and offer rationale for your
choice of key words/phrases and show that you have been consistent in your use of
those key terms throughout your searches). State if Boolean operators have been
used within your search and explain why.
Search limits
(You should explain why
and how you narrowed down your search for example: date, gender, age, language
and type of publication. You must use references to support your discussion
Appraise the information
(LO1, LO2) – approximate guide 600 words
TWO research articles
from your topic search and discuss why you think
the researchers selected the type of research design within the research paper.

Questions to answer
Have the researchers within the two articles taken into
account previous or existing research findings. Does the type of research design
support what the researcher wanted to investigate, that is, will the evidence
generated answer the research question? Is the method of data collection
appropriately aligned to the type of research design? Other considerations include
the type of skills the researcher would need to carry out the research, the time
available to the study, the resources available. You must use references to support
your discussion
Do it – Applying the theory to practice (LO1, LO2) – approximate guide 400 words
Referring to clinical recommendations and guidelines consider how the research in
the two articles may impact on clinical practice. You should have an idea of key
health organisations that support best available evidence in clinical practice, e.g.
National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), Cochrane organisation,
British Thoracic Society, Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network, Government
publications. You must use references to support your discussion.
Evaluate – reflect on what you have learnt
(LO2) – approximate guide 600 words
Evaluate and reflect on one aspect of a newly acquired research awareness skill and
how it may facilitate future research activity. You could utilise aspects of a reflective
framework e.g. Moon’s stages of learning, to support your reflection i.e. how you
“noticed” what you needed to do in order to expand, develop and “make sense” and
“make meaning” from your learning. You must use references to support your discussion
References: Please refer to the Harvard Referencing Guideline
General presentation and submission guidance
Use an academic writing style (3rd Person)
No colloquialisms’, text speak etc.Use a clear font such as Arial
Use a size 12 font Use either double or 1.5-line spacing Justify the edges of your text

All significant content accurate. All main points of question / task covered. Identifiable structure. Some evidence of material not directly
covered in taught input.

Good understanding of the issues. Engages directly with the question. Clear argument with good examples used to support it.
All main points and important issues of the question/task covered. Some evidence of reading outside the module list

Answers most if not all detailed aspects of the question. Content mainly relevant and accurate. Good knowledge and
understanding of relevant theory and concepts and application of theoretical models. Evidence of a developing
appreciation of contextual issues.

Clear links between theory and practice. Good coverage of assignment issues. Full understanding of core issues.
Evidenced level of understanding of appropriate theory and concept.

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