In module 2, you learned that there a variety of different guidance documents and other tools that can aid individuals in planning and following a health eating pattern. A few of these tools include the Dietary Reference Intake (DRI) values, dietary tracking apps and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. For the Diet Analysis Project, you will use several of these tools to help you analyze your dietary intake over a 3-day period to determine if you are obtaining the minimum amounts of nutrients that your body needs each day. The benefit of this project is that it applies directly to you and can allow you to realize areas of your eating pattern and physical activity that you may want to modify to improve your overall health and well-being.


Please view the Assignment 2 Instructions_NFSC 202 Fundamentals of Human Nutrition_Fall_2020.docx. Learning materials that you will need to complete the project are below:

Diet Analysis Project – 3 Day Food Log – NUTR 202 1.docx
Formatted Calculations Worksheet
Fall 2020 – NFSC 202 – Diet Analsyis Workbook.xlsx
Cronometer online food and exercise tracker (free version)
Other resources that you may want to refer to (that are also included in the project instructions/directions document) are:

tips on how to estimate the portion sizes of foods
Nutrients Recommendations: Dietary Reference Intake values
NIH Office of Dietary Supplements Fact Sheets.
The peer-reviewed fact sheets provide helpful information related to food sources of different vitamins, minerals and fiber. To find information for a specific vitamin or mineral, simply select the name of the nutrient on the webpage. You will then be taken to the information sheet for that specific vitamin, mineral or other substance.

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