The ability to find and understand peer-reviewed research is a critical skill in the health and nutrition field. This assignment is designed to practice those skills and also be able to review the research and compile a summary of what you found. Please read the instructions careful and make sure that you complete all aspects of this assignment to receive full credit.

Find 3 related scientific, peer-review articles of research related to the Management Topics listed below
Articles should relate to nutrition management or foodservice management
Articles must be about the same topic (see Management topics below for ideas)
Articles should be from no less than two different journals (JAND, Journal of Hospitality Management, etc.) and no older than 10 years (2009 and after).
To determine if the journal the article comes from is peer reviewed and appropriate, you can look up the journal in Ulrich’s database (link below). If a little striped referee shirt appears next to the journal name, it indicates the journal is peer reviewed. (Links to an external site.)
Read the complete articles; print (at least) the first page from each study to turn in.
Abstracts (ie: from PubMed) are not appropriate
If the first page is only the abstract, print a second page
Provide an abstract in your own words of each article. (250 words each)
Write a brief, one-page article, targeting nutrition or foodservice managers, based on your synopsis of the data presented in the studies you found. (500 words) In this article explore some of the following questions:
How does this information related to what we have learned in the class?
How does this information connect to the field of nutrition or food management?
What is surprising about the information you learned?
What further research needs to be done in that area or another area to further clarify a finding?
How does this impact your thoughts about your future professional goals/aspirations?

Double-spaced, one-inch margins, Word document format, with your name included in the document title.

To Turn In:

3 Abstract summaries in your own words – 250 words each
Your 500-word article
Print out of the first page of each article – Abstracts will NOT be accepted
Management Topics

Below is a fairly comprehensive list of topics to select from. If there is a topic that is NOT included on this list that you would like to do your Research project on, please email the Instructor prior to starting your assignment.

Outcome Data in Health Care or Food Service
Credentialing, Licensure and/or Legislative Issues
Communications / Information Management
Computer Based Training
Future Trends and/or Job Opportunities in Dietetics
Managing People
Management theory
Human resource management
Communications management
Cost management
Crisis management
Management by objectives (MBO)
Management consulting
Quality management
Risk management
Organizational development
Performance evaluations
Human Relations
Time management
Labor relations
Office romance
Workplace conflict
Labor law
Sexual harassment
Food cost control
Dealing with difficult employees

Sample Solution