Nutrition questions

  1. (10 points) “Individuals have the freedom to make their own decisions about what and how much to eat. Therefore, individuals should be fully responsible for the health consequences of their own food choices and eating behaviors” — do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why? (Please answer this question in 5 to 10 sentences)




  1. (20 points) Good nutrition is particularly critical for children and youth. Currently, about 18.5% of children and youth (2 to 19 years of age) in the U.S. has obesity (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2018). Please identify at least 2 things that could be done by parents (or caregivers), schools, and the government, respectively, to promote healthy eating among children and youth. Explain how your proposed actions may contribute to healthy eating by children and youth.



  1. a. (15 points) Read the article “Why it takes more than a grocery store to eliminate a ‘food desert’”. Based on the study conducted by Steven Cummins and his colleagues (discussed in the article), why would it take more than a grocery store to eliminate a “food desert”? Please explain it in your own words.


  1. (20 points) In the article “Why it takes more than a grocery store to eliminate a ‘food desert’”, Cummins suggested several strategies/initiatives that might be effective in helping improve people’s diet and health in areas that lack access to healthful foods. What are the strategies/initiatives? What do you think is the best way to help improve people’s diet and health in areas with limited access to affordable healthful foods? Explain what actions need to be taken and who need(s) to be involved.



  1. (15 points) According to a study conducted in 2016, about 42% of CSU students reported that they experienced food insecurity (Crutchfield & Maguire, 2018). In addition, many CSU students were not aware of the on-campus resources available to them. As a result, such resources were often underutilized (Crutchfield & Maguire, 2018). Please find out what services and resources are available on Cal Poly Pomona campus for students who are affected by food insecurity. List at least 2 resources (including their locations) and 3 ways to improve students’ awareness of such resources
  2. (20 points) Please review the current eating patterns in the United States (Topic 2-Dietary Guidelines Overview). Identify two things Americans (as a population) can do to achieve a healthier eating pattern and promote environmental health at the same time. Explain why and how your proposed actions will benefit physical health and environmental health.




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