Watch the film, “Fed Up”. You will watch the movie via the link in this module: https://digitalcampus-swankmp-net.db24.linccweb.org/stpc283166/#/play/74738?watch=1 and then complete the associated Writing Assignment which is worth 10% of your overall grade for this course.
Write a 500-1000 word well formulated, college level essay answering the following questions:
Please include your your word count at the top of your document.
What is the main point of the movie?
What is the main culprit in this obesity epidemic?
Why has this become such a problem in recent years?
What is the solution?
How can the solution be implemented?
What were some of the main things you learned from this movie?
What concepts were introduced in this film that you were unaware of previously?
Please provide an overall synopsis of your understanding of this film and its contents and any other responses/feedback you have to offer.

Sample Solution