Observation and Evaluation of Stress and Coping in one’s Life

keep a log of stress you experience for four consecutive days. 1. Please describe each stressful experience you encounter and identify the type of stressor (i.e. chronic stress, daily hassle, catastrophic event, life change, etc.). 2. On a scale of 1 —10 (ten being the most stress you can imagine), please rate the stressfulness of the experiences you list in your log. 3. Then, please choose three stressors from your log and elaborate on how you appraised the situation (predictability of situation, control of the situation, appraisal of resources, etc.) and how you coped with the situation (i.e. problem-focused coping, emotion-focused coping, social support, etc.). 4. Were there any factors that buffered the effects of these stressors? 5. Do you feel that you coped with the stressors as effectively as you could have? If not, what could you have done better? 6. Please comment on any physical or mental health symptoms or reactions you felt due to any of the stressors in your log. 7. Finally, did you practice any healthy or unhealthy activities to manage your stress throughout the last week? 8. Of course, the stress we experience in our lives varies greatly from time to time. Your log is only covering a small timeframe (4 days) throughout your life so far. If there are any stressful experiences from another timeframe that you would like to discuss in addition to the stressors listed in your log, feel free to discuss those in your paper.




Sample Solution