Step 1: View three to four of the NACE skill videos in the like-named content module. Please list the videos you watched as well as the goals you established in Assignment1 : Developmental Goals Paper.
Video 1:
Video 2:
Video 3:
Step 2: Discuss progress you have made toward your goals and how the videos you viewed relate to your goals. You may also discuss how the videos relate to other aspects of your learning and development that are not outlined in the goals you set at the beginning of the term. What goal-relevant experiences (interactions, observations, accomplishments, challenges, etc.) did you have during the week?
Step 3: Discuss what you have learned from these experiences and the course material with respect to your goals or other aspects of your development?
Paper Formatting Requirements
• Course title and organization you are working for indicated in the header
• One-and-a-half to two pages in length
• Double-spaced
• Times New Roman 12-point font
• One inch margins





Development Goals assignment 1
3 Goals of internship at Siltronic Corporation
An internship is a professional learning opportunity that offers a purposeful and realistic career related to a student’s field of study or career interest. The internship gives the student the opportunity to evaluate work and progress, and to learn new skills.
After joining the company for my internship, I set 3 Goals using the SMART method.
My Goals are given below:
• To master Technical Skills
• Gain essential background knowledge
• Perfecting interpersonal Skills
Goal To master Technical skills Gain background knowledge Perfecting interpersonal skills
Specific I’ll learn about silicon product, and the skill required to operate them I’ll gain the background knowledge of my job, and the products I’m dealing I’ll learn to communicate with customers, my colleagues, my supervisor and other seniors
Measurable I’ll master on 2 products of my company I’ll read the theory of the products, discuss with my seniors and colleagues I’ll talk to the persons involved in my work
Attainable Under the shadow of my supervisor I’ll learn this skill Under the shadow of the persons who is expert of the product I’ll hold my nerves and learn to communicate
Realistic I’ll be doing this when I’m at work I’ll be doing this during my class, my home work Doing during my work
Time bound By the end of the internship By the end of the internship By the end of the internship
Why these goals are important?
During my Internship, working on my Goals will lead my path to new opportunities for me. By mastering the technical skills I’ll be able to do the company work with efficiency. This will put me in the eyes of my masters.
Gaining background knowledge will help me in my interviews for my jobs. Knowledge is power, and background knowledge of my work will be the uttermost requirement of every job next job opportunity.
Third goal is to improve my communication skills. These communication skills will help me in building trust among my teammates, this in turn will empower my professional relations. My teamwork will be enhanced and surely, I’ll become more productive.
How these goals will enhance my career/personal growth?
Internships are a great way to get practical information, which will be important when looking for a job. I look forward to presenting my future employers my resume, highlighting the skills I have developed as a result of my internship in business and production. My internship experience, coupled with my academic pursuits, will add a dimension to my early career and make me more employable.
Working as an intern usually means you have no years of experience behind you and that’s fine. A big part of having an internship is learning more about the field, as well as your strengths and weaknesses. In each of my studies, I have had the opportunity to apply the knowledge I have learned in class to real business situations, as well as to develop new skills that will allow me to succeed in my business career. As a professional trainee, you are not expected to be perfect. I have been fortunate to have supportive staff, who have helped prepare me for a successful career.



Sample solution

Dante Alighieri played a critical role in the literature world through his poem Divine Comedy that was written in the 14th century. The poem contains Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso. The Inferno is a description of the nine circles of torment that are found on the earth. It depicts the realms of the people that have gone against the spiritual values and who, instead, have chosen bestial appetite, violence, or fraud and malice. The nine circles of hell are limbo, lust, gluttony, greed and wrath. Others are heresy, violence, fraud, and treachery. The purpose of this paper is to examine the Dante’s Inferno in the perspective of its portrayal of God’s image and the justification of hell. 

In this epic poem, God is portrayed as a super being guilty of multiple weaknesses including being egotistic, unjust, and hypocritical. Dante, in this poem, depicts God as being more human than divine by challenging God’s omnipotence. Additionally, the manner in which Dante describes Hell is in full contradiction to the morals of God as written in the Bible. When god arranges Hell to flatter Himself, He commits egotism, a sin that is common among human beings (Cheney, 2016). The weakness is depicted in Limbo and on the Gate of Hell where, for instance, God sends those who do not worship Him to Hell. This implies that failure to worship Him is a sin.

God is also depicted as lacking justice in His actions thus removing the godly image. The injustice is portrayed by the manner in which the sodomites and opportunists are treated. The opportunists are subjected to banner chasing in their lives after death followed by being stung by insects and maggots. They are known to having done neither good nor bad during their lifetimes and, therefore, justice could have demanded that they be granted a neutral punishment having lived a neutral life. The sodomites are also punished unfairly by God when Brunetto Lattini is condemned to hell despite being a good leader (Babor, T. F., McGovern, T., & Robaina, K. (2017). While he commited sodomy, God chooses to ignore all the other good deeds that Brunetto did.

Finally, God is also portrayed as being hypocritical in His actions, a sin that further diminishes His godliness and makes Him more human. A case in point is when God condemns the sin of egotism and goes ahead to commit it repeatedly. Proverbs 29:23 states that “arrogance will bring your downfall, but if you are humble, you will be respected.” When Slattery condemns Dante’s human state as being weak, doubtful, and limited, he is proving God’s hypocrisy because He is also human (Verdicchio, 2015). The actions of God in Hell as portrayed by Dante are inconsistent with the Biblical literature. Both Dante and God are prone to making mistakes, something common among human beings thus making God more human.

To wrap it up, Dante portrays God is more human since He commits the same sins that humans commit: egotism, hypocrisy, and injustice. Hell is justified as being a destination for victims of the mistakes committed by God. The Hell is presented as being a totally different place as compared to what is written about it in the Bible. As a result, reading through the text gives an image of God who is prone to the very mistakes common to humans thus ripping Him off His lofty status of divine and, instead, making Him a mere human. Whether or not Dante did it intentionally is subject to debate but one thing is clear in the poem: the misconstrued notion of God is revealed to future generations.



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