Read the narrative carefully, and then examine the dataset in Excel FILE as ‘ENH 122 OHS DATA’. The data are posted as an excel spreadsheet. The variables are defined in the ‘Data dictionary’ within the third sheet of the Excel file.

Your mission is to examine the association between the illness and the MANY possible exposures, so as to provide, as far as you can, the answers to the questions:

  1. What was the agent responsible for the illness?
  2. What was the vehicle or activity associated with the illness?
  3. Was there an environmental component to the exposure?

To answer these questions, you need to search for patterns. WHO was most at risk, and WHAT activities and exposures led to the illness? To make your conclusions, use ALL the evidence at hand, and the results from your various analyses and calculations. We are not interested in your ‘feelings’ and ‘hunches’, just the evidence. A helpful list of potential agents and their environmental sources has been provided. Eliminate one at a time until you can eliminate no further.

Follow the 14-point investigation and USE the numbers (1-14) in labelling your responses. You do not need to write out the question, just use the question number for your response.

This is to be a professional report, not a hastily prepared student assignment. Please pay attention to the English language (spelling, grammar, syntax, punctuation), and the layout. Please limit your submission to 5 pages (11 pt. font, single spaced). The 5 pages do not include the cover page or the references.

Where you are citing or using ideas, concepts, and information that is not your own, proper attribution of the source is required. Use APA style on citations and references.

Sample Solution