Occupational Safety and Health

Consider the company that you currently work for (or one that you have worked for in the past):

  1. What would you consider to be the top 3 priority safety programs? Why?
  2. Does your company have these programs in place?
    a. If yes, give me an overview of what the program includes (e.g. a Table of Contents) and some ideas as to
    how it might be improved.
    b. If no, develop an overview of what the program should include (e.g. a Table ofContents) and discuss how
    you might implement it.
    Note: There is no need to identify the company if you wish it to remain anonymous but at least tell me the size
    of company (eg. small, medium or large), rough geographic location (eg. northern Ontario) and what industry
    (eg. manufacturing, service, mining). This will give me some perspective on your answer.
    In the second attachment that is provided, there is no one right answer. Pick a company that you have worked
    for and of all the programs described in the attachment, what do you feel would be the top 3 priority programs
    for that company and explain why.

Sample Solution