Online/Blended Work – Persuasive Presentation Outline

The most important way to show an audience that you value their time is to invest a lot of your own time into preparing for your Persuasive Presentation. Follow the instructions below to help you organize your persuasive presentation ideas. This preparation stage will allow your audience to best connect with your presentation and support your ideas.

Step One – Using Approved Topic(the same-sex marriage and euthanasia): The first step to identifying a powerful persuasive speech topic is to solicit audience feedback. Check back to the Module 4 Discussion Forum where you posted three possible persuasive speech topics. Which topic was approved by your instructor? Be sure to begin your Persuasive Presentation Outline by using the best fit topic for this assignment.

Step Two – Audience Analysis: Answer the questions below about your approved topic:

  1. Why should the audience care about this topic?
  2. Why should your audience trust your argument about this topic?
  3. Why are you uniquely qualified to present this information to the audience?
  4. How would the audience benefit by adopting your view?

Sample Solution