Same thing as last essays just new topics use same format and similar opening. I uploaded the previous 2 previous essays as examples that were graded at 100% For this reflective essay, Wright, Inc. is a popular Food Truck operation in the Southwest. Their cuisine is best represented by award-winning hamburgers, and hot-dogs, in the Phoenix market. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dr. Chris Wright also provides consulting (for a small fee) to entrepreneurs who are interested in starting a Food Truck operation of their own. Recently, Wright, Inc. has started consulting for partners in both Europe and China, where American favorites are in high demand. They are considering purchasing a warehouse to store condiments, buns, etc. However, the plans have not yet been finalized. Imagine that you have just finished attending a week-long business retreat about Operations Management.

The conferences you enjoyed focused on: -The concept of Aggregate planning, dealing with variations, demand and supply options, strategies for meeting uneven demand, chossing a strategy, techniques for aggregate planning, aggregate planning in services, master scheduling, time fneces, inputs outputs, MRP (material requirements planning) Inputs and Outputs, MRP Processing, lot sizing, tracking, lot for lot ordering, MRP Benefits and requirements. Distribution resource planning. ERP Enterprise resource planning,

Your employer’s CEO invites you into their office and asks you to share your primary takeaways from the seminar that would help the business become more successful. Create an essay of at least 500, but not more than 750 words, responding to the CEO’s inquiry. Be sure to reference specific applications, to Wright, Inc., as you write. you dont have to write on all the topics just a few

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