Ordinary People (1980) Analysis

A. Summary of the movie plot, in your own words (1/2 page maximum) (5 pts)B. What is the major psychological disorder that Conrad suffers from? Discuss the etiology (symptoms) of his psychological disorder. How do the symptoms interfere in his life? Substantiate your answer with information from the film and your textbook. (10 pts)C. How does Conrad cope with his illness? What steps does he take to be treated? What impact does the treatment have on his life? Support your answer by citing specific examples from the movie. (10 pts) D. What part does the therapist play, including important information, generally of the relationship between Conrad and his therapist? What type of therapy is Conrad’s therapist using? Describe specific techniques and evaluate their effectiveness for Conrad. (10 pts)E. How does Conrad’s illness impact his relationship with his mother and father? Support your discussion with evidence from the movie. Make sure you discuss his mother and father separately! (10 pts)F. Describe 2 other characters in the movie (besides his parents and his therapist). Discuss how Conrad’s illness impacts his relationship with both of these characters. Do these characters help or hinder Conrad’s recovery? (10 pts)

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