Organization structure

This LIVEX proposes a list of organizations and material about the organization in general and about its structure. It provides the Investor Relations section within the general website or a dedicated website for Investors or specific reports about organizational structure.

The exercise components follow.

1-Provide a brief definition of the concept of organizational structure for organizations in general. This definition should apply to all types of organizations such as for profit, nonprofit, and state-controlled organizations (around 50w).

The organization structure is a system that is used to define the order of ranks within an organization. The organization structure helps provide an overall hierarchy; it identifies each job, its function, and where its reports within the organization. Having a system gives the organization an outline on how to operate to meet its goals.
2-Identify from the information provided or from information that the team researches the exact type of organizational structure that the organization possesses (around 150w).

3-Explain which drivers of organizational structure (variables that impact the type of organizational structure that an organization selects for itself) are the most salient. In the theory of organizational structure, drivers of organizational structure include Strategy; Environment; Technology and production process; Organization size, and Culture. From the material that you possess, which of these factors would be the more critical in the design of the organization? You may not have all answers in the material but may need to reflect on it and to find the answers by yourselves (around 100w).

4-Explain how the type of structure selected by the organization helps the success of this organization’s success (around 100w).

Sample Solution