Organizational Behavior Post Test.

Question 1

Define what is meant by an “organization” in the context of a business organization and the role of the manager in an organization.

Question 2
Carl has been having difficulty making his performance goals recently, as have most employees in his area. If Carl tends to blame his own ability rather than external factors, what error is Carl making? How can Carl overcome this error?

Question 3
People from different work areas who are permanently assigned to work together to bring a new good or service to market comprise ________.
Select one:
a. virtual teams
b. ad hoc teams
c. multifunctional teams
d. cross-functional teams

Question 4
What term applies to a situation in which complying with one requirement of a group role makes it difficult, and perhaps impossible, to comply with another requirement?
Select one:
a. Role conflict
b. Role adaptation
c. Role expectation
d. Role perception

Question 5
What type of work group system should be considered when teams that all have different functions need to be closely coordinated?
Select one:
a. Multi-teams
b. Virtual teams
c. Self-managed teams
d. Quality-control teams

Question 6
Describe the five general personality traits of the Big Five model.

Question 7
AJAX Distributing is a leader in global marketing of home decorating products. Because of the fast-paced nature of its business and the constantly changing competitive environment, AJAX supervisors are constantly under pressure to make decisions. The department manager wants to leave decision making in the hands of the employees he knows have higher mental ability. However, his boss (the VP) does not agree that smart people always make the best decisions. They are both correct. Explain how individuals with higher mental ability can be both the best and not the best at making decisions as compared to other individuals.

Question 8
Compare and contrast unfair discrimination and diversity management as it relates to organizational behavior at the institutional level.

Question 9
Explain the difference between an organic organizational structure and a mechanistic organizational structure.

Question 10
What are integrating mechanisms in the context of organizational behavior and how do organizations use integrating mechanisms?

Question 11
Discuss the cognitive dissonance theory. How do individuals seek consistency among their attitudes and between their attitudes and their behavior?

Question 12
Why is it particularly important to group behavior that an organization provide proper leadership and structure to work groups and teams?

Question 13
ABC Industries is adjusting its strategic focus toward being a leader in small-batch technology. What type of authority structure must ABC have in place to successfully make this move and why is that structure necessary?

Question 14
What are the motivational advantages of a functional organizational structure?










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