Organizational Behaviour

Organizational Behaviour – MGMT 0110

Case Study 4 (10%)
Part 1
Review and respond to the questions. Your response should be a minimum of 200 words, but may not exceed 350 words.
You are currently a department manager and Jim is your trusted assistant. You have very similar working styles, and you went to the same college and worked in the insurance industry for several years. Before working in this company, you both worked at a different company together, and you have this shared history with him. You can trust him to come to your aid, support you in your decisions, and be loyal to you. Because of your trust in him, you do not supervise his work closely, and you give him a lot of leeway in how he structures his work. He sometimes chooses to work from home, and he has flexibility in his work hours, which is unusual in the department.
Now you have decided to promote him to be the assistant department manager. However, when you shared this opinion with someone else in the department, you realized that this could be a problem. Apparently, Jim is not liked by his colleagues in the department and is known as an impression manager. Others view him as a slacker when you are not around, and the fact that he gets the first pick in schedules and gets the choice assignments causes a lot of frustration on the part of others. They feel that you are playing favorites.
1. What would you do? Would you promote him? Why or why not?
2. What do you tell others regarding your decision?
3. What could you learn from this situation and how could you move forward in your department in a positive manner?

Part 2
Review and respond to the questions. Your response should be a minimum of 200 words, but may not exceed 350 words.
Organizations often make changes to policies and procedures and ask their employees to follow these changes. Consider your own experience in going through either major or minor organizational changes in the workplace and think about any resistance you have experienced to these changes.
1. Briefly describe an organizational change that you have experienced and discuss whether you (or a co-worker) had any resistance to this change. If yes, how did the resistance affect the success of the change?
2. What could the organization implementing the change have done differently to avoid this type of resistance? Please explain.

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