Organizational dynamics

Directions: Post within Week 2 Assignments as a text entry (not an attachment), and in no more than 300
words, a current or past organizational issue or event you are or have experienced that you will examine
through the structural, human resources, political and symbolic frames.
You will use this organizational situation to prepare your Organizational Dynamics Analysis paper due in Week
6, and respond to discussion threads in weeks 2 – 5.
Here are some examples of significant organizational events that could be the basis of effective analysis.
Very often a well-chosen situation is one that is very successful or a failure in achieving the desired goals and
Examples include:
Major change initiative
Merger or acquisition
Reorganization or restructuring
Large lay-off (10% or more of staff)
New technology or system
New product development and/or implementation
Important team effort
Controversial ethical dilemma
DESCRIBE: In describing the organizational situation, clearly and concisely identify the issue you will examine
through the four-frame model.
OVERVIEW: In the description, include the organization’s goals, key players (names optional), and any other
relevant background information. For example, if the organizational issue is a major change initiative, what
were the desired outcomes or goals, who were the key players and what was your role?

Sample Solution