Organizational policy alignment and adherence to laws and regulations are critical for overall corporate compliance and to decrease organizational risks (patient falls, medication errors, cyber hacks and PHI data breaches, infection control, et cetera). In this assignment, you will select, evaluate, and update one health care provider’s policy related to a significant regulatory risk to the health care organization.

If you do not work in the industry or do not have access to a health care policy, use the Hahnemann Falls PolicyLinks to an external site. to complete this assignment, following these instructions:

As you can see, this policy was written in 2012. Now, imagine you are a health care administrator working at the health care organization where this policy originates from.
Analyze the policy, taking into consideration the changes in HIPAA and PHI since 2012.
Evaluate what information and where that information would need to be updated for a current revision of this document.
Locate the areas where you would update or add information to this 2012 version. Propose revisions that are based on current identified standards and/or new guidelines that you have researched in the text or identified in other high-quality sources (that is, journals, government websites, and the like).
Analyze the significance of the selected policy updates as it relates to potential litigation. (Why did the policy need updating? What threats do these changes help avoid?)



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Sample Solution

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