Our personalities

We tend to think of our personalities being fairly static across our lives. Additionally, plastic surgery has become quite common. There are obvious, outward physical effects of such surgery. However, are there more subtle implications for the surgery? Taking the perspective of one of the theorists we have studied thus far, explore what you think that theorist might say about plastic surgery and personality. (Freud, Erikson, Horney, Adler, or Bowlby) thinking as this theorist, do you think that persons who have had radical surgeries eventually develop different “personalities”? What are the potential positive outcomes? What are, if any, negative implications? Find stories of two people who have elected to have plastic surgery. Do their experiences confirm or disprove your theory about personality and plastic surgery? Please answer ALL questions.
Burger, J. M. (2019). Personality. 10th (ed.). Stamford, CT: Wadsworth Publishing Company. Chapters 1-4

Select four of the defense mechanisms. After discussing the definitions of these defense mechanisms, talk about instances in public media in which people have publicly demonstrated the use of one or more of these mechanisms. What were the ramifications of the use of that defense mechanism? Was the use of the defense mechanism effective? What might have been an alternative way that these persons might have handled their dilemmas, which prompted them to use the defense mechanisms in the first place?

Apply Freudian theory to gender differences in parenting style

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